Hadya Box

Give Hadya to those in need with our Hadya Box. 

20 Pouches = Rs. 5500 = Rs. 275 Per pouch.
1 Pouch = Apx 2 Meals = Per Meal Cost Rs. 138.

Hadya Box includes 20 Packets (40 Meals) of Ready to Eat Food:
  1. 4 Packets of Chicken Nehari
  2. 4 Packets of Chicken Haleem
  3. 4 Packets of Chicken Aloo Qeema
  4. 4 Packets of Aloo Sabzi
  5. 4 Packets of Lahori Choley
Free Delivery on advance payment. If COD, then 500rs delivery will be charged.
Your Order can be delivered directly to you or we can distribute on your behalf to needy people or to any welfare organization with SADQA or ZAKAT heads.