What does Freshmate offer? Freshmate is your modern chef, bringing you Authentic Pakistani cuisines in most convenient manner i.e. All Ready to Eat food packed in shelf stable pouch packaging which you can easily store...
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  1. What does Freshmate offer?

Freshmate is your modern chef, bringing you Authentic Pakistani cuisines in most convenient manner i.e. All Ready to Eat food packed in shelf stable pouch packaging which you can easily store without refrigerator for more than an year. These are preserved using Retort technology (thermal treatment), without using any preservatives.

Simply, It’s a pack of convenience:  All ready HALAL food; convenient shelf stable packaging, more than an year life, easy to store, easy to carry, easy to heat,….

2. What is MSG?

MSG stands for Mono Sodium Glutamate or additive code E621. Once linked to 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome', MSG was believed to cause an array of symptoms such as headache, flushing, nausea, chest tightness and sweating.

Freshmate doesn’t use this as a policy since its start and this is mentioned on all packs.

In 2018, this is also categorized by Pakistan Supreme court as a harmful ingredient and it has been banned to be used in any food product.

 3. How is the shelf life more than a year without preservatives?

The products are preserved using Retort technology, thermal treatment of product at high temperature which makes these shelf stable for long period of time, without using preservatives.

 4. How is the product heated?

The product can be heated in 3 ways: 

 5. Where should the product be kept before using?

The product is shelf stable; it can be stored in any place where you keep other shelf stable food products.

 6. What about the food after unpacking ?

Once opened, treat this like normal food. Consume it or store the unconsumed portion in refrigerator

 7. Can we eat it without heating?

It’s all ready product. Theoretically, it can be eaten as it is as its all ready BUT the curry products and rice products do require heating for better taste as all Pakistani food. Few dry products and some qeema type items can be eaten as it is. Examples of these items include Shami Kabab, Tandori Boti, Malai boti, Achari boti, Aaloo qeema, Hari mirch qeema, Aaalo Bhujia, etc

 8. Where it can b used?

It’s convenience food. Can be used in multiple places

Traveling: easy to carry, easy to Heat, halal food for persons traveling abroad; to China, to Saudi Arab for Umra, etc

Hiking / Mountaineering: easy to carry, easy to Heat food during expeditions

Solution for working women: as daily consumption for small family; costs lesser than home cooking if all raw material leftovers are calculated

Hospitality at short notice: Guests serving or emergency situations

Food Donations: for philanthropists, special plans/pricing for food donations to needy

Natural Emergencies: for NGOs and Disaster management organizations to keep ready stock for natural disasters and manmade calamities like flood, earthquake, wars, chaos, etc


9. How can the product be heated during traveling?
The product can be heated through

  1. Heating the unopened pouch in electric kettle, usually available in hotel rooms
  2. Heating the unopened pouch in wash basin filled with hot water


10. Can we take this along with us in plane?

These can be taken as checked-in luggage but do not carry these as cabin carry luggage as airlines have restrictions on liquid food for cabin carry luggage. The custom official at airport may ask you question while screening this on x-ray machine so don’t worry and explain to them that its Ready Halal Food packed in aluminum pouches with all ingredients and Nutritional information mentioned on the back of pack.

Do check for importing laws in the country of visit as some countries do not allow meat products but people do have experiences of explaining to airport staff this as HALAL food for personal consumption and didn’t face any issue.

This is guidance on the basis of experiences by consumers but you can meet some difficult staff so in the end this is your ability how to deal.

 11. Is this Halal?

Yes, Ahomdolillah, it’s Halal. We use all halal ingredients and its certified by SANHA Pakistan (South Africa Halal food Authority – Pakistan office), a reputable body in Halal certifications.

 12. How do we come to know the chili level?

The spice and tanginess levels have been indicated on the front bottom of box. Please check it there

 13. Are these gluten free?

Most of the freshmate products are Gluten free but some are not. Gluten Free is mentioned on the front bottom of box for those items which are Gluten free. Please check it there

 14. The pack was not sufficient?

The filling of the product is by weight. The consumption varies from person to person. We have mentioned Serves 1-2 on average but it can change according to one’s consumption.