Humanitarian Box (30 Pouches)


Make a difference with Freshmate's Humanitarian Box! Each box contains 30 ready-to-eat meals, made with real ingredients and no preservatives, and is available at a discounted price. Donate the box yourself or let Freshmate donate it on your behalf to those in need in rural areas.

Freshmate's Humanitarian Box is more than just a meal, it's an opportunity to help spread kindness and make a positive impact. With your purchase, you can provide nutritious food to those who need it most and brighten their day.

So why wait? Order Freshmate's Humanitarian Box today and be a part of the solution. Together, we can make a difference.


Buy More, Pay less.

1 Carton PKR 9500 Each
2-10 Cartons PKR 9200 Each
11-30 Cartons PKR 8900 Each
30+ Cartons PKR 8600 Each


30 pcs pouch based
Chicken Aaloo Curry : 5 Pouches x 275g
Chicken Lobia Qeema : 5 Pouches x 275g
Beef Haleem : 5 Pouches x 275g
Murgh Choley : 5 Pouches x 275g
Aloo lobia Curry (in chicken stock) : 5 Pouches x 275g
Mix Daal (in chicken stock) : 5 Pouches x 275g